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by admin on January 15, 2012

“Free Electricity Generating your home as possible in 2 Days”
(Guaranteed to Work)

Hojo Motor is the new marvel that lets your create free electricity. Have you been worrying over the huge electricity bills that you have to pay each month? And with the prices of oil going up in the international market every passing year, the electricity bill will only increase. You will have to pay hefty sums for electricity in the coming days when the oil sources run low on supply and the world will be forced to look to alternate energy sources. With Hojo Motor, all of these problems are solved. The intelligent design of the motor, which has been patented with US Patent Office, is extremely easy so that the motor can even be made at home within a few days.

HoJo Motor Video – Feasible on All Levels… Watch the short video the following to learn the secret to produce completely free electricity for your home and appliances!

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Benefits of Hojo Motor:
So you may think that what exactly the benefits of this motor are. For starters, it produces free electricity. By free electricity, we mean that it uses no fuel so that running the motor barely costs you any expenses at all. And in a way, it’s a life-time investment. Once you start using a Hojo Motor, you will be saving thousands of dollars in electricity bills over the years. Just imagine a world where you use a lot of electric power but pay absolutely no money for it. Hojo Motor does just that for you! It can be constructed very easily through the help of a handbook which is available online. Once you have the handbook, you will need to work a little hard and assemble together the components as described by the motor’s design. Once you do that, your Hojo Motor is ready. It will usually take a few days to construct the motor, so be patient and be diligent. We are trying hard to give out the design to as many people as possible so that maximum people can benefit from this idea and help shape a world which makes use of more eco-friendly power sources. This is why we are handing out a handbook about this design. The handbook contains not only the details of the design but also step by step guidance on how to assemble different pieces to bring together a motor. Once you start using it, you will never want to have another power source for your household electricity.

The “HoJo Motor” is the only device that produces “Free Energy” that has 3 U.S. Patents!
(The “U.S. Patent Office” Certified That It Actually Produces Free Electricity)!

hojo motor patents The actual images for the 3 U.S. Patents that the “Howard Johnson Motor” was awarded are below.

(U.S. Patent: #5,402,021, #4,877,983, #4,151,431)

hojo motor 3 patents





With The “HoJo Motor” Plans…

  •  Produce free electricity for your home and appliances only 2 days!
  • Give more aid to the environment by reducing carbon!
  • Energy can be anywhere there is mobile!
  • Home and appliances energy cost of $ 1,000 to recover within a year, learn how!

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 How can I get a Hojo Motor?
Most of you would be thinking by now that where you can purchase a Hojo Motor. Well, Hojo Motor isn’t a product. It’s a design that has been accepted as one of the only designs in the world that requires no fuel for power production. The question is how you can get the design. Here’s the deal: you get to have not only the design but also step by step instructions on how to implement that design and create the motor, right at your home. You will just need the basic components and just by spending some time and energy on the design, you will be able to create your own Hojo Motor…

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